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D.M.A Racing Gears - 4WD Transverse

Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 3 sequential gearbox

DMA Racing Gears Sequntial Gearbox

Racing sequential gearbox for legendary Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 3 with the newest design ensuring the best performance required for racing. 

quick specs

  • 6 speed (500NM Torque)

  • 2 plate style limited slip differentials included (one is instead of the center diff and the other is front LSD)

  • Reverse lockout included

  • Straight cut gears

  • Contactless gear position sensor included

  • Patented dog engagement technology

  • Homologated rally ratios with possibility to make custom ratios

  • Oil pump recirculation system included

  • Torque rating = 500Nm with homolgated rally ratios or can be made stronger with different ratios

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