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VAC Bearing Sets

Specially constructed and coated to reduce friction to a minimum; enabling lower temps and faster revolutions in your expensive BMW engine.

All our coated bearings are thermal breakdown resistant, helping to prevent premature engine failures under stress when things are most critical. Not only that, but these bearings can last much longer than any normal bearing set in either a street engine, or race engine. Our VAC bearings are used in all our highest performance BMW engine builds. Our bearing sets have become a favorite product of all our race and engine building customers around the globe who have reported unparalleled wear characteristics under all conditions. They have excelent anti-wear properties, as well as resilance for emergency loss of lubrication senarios, helping if you experence a failure when racing. They also have a high embedibility factor, so cold starting, or contaminents in oil are less likely to score the crankshaft.

Made for us by the same company who manufactures for the US military, NASCAR & ALMS teams, and other customers that require "mission critical" quality. Used by by both the 1st and 2nd fastest BMW drag cars in the USA, as well as our Racing & Endurance customers around the world. Proven by customers to help you finish the race even with loss of oil pressure! If you are looking for high performance rod bearings, this is the set for your M5x/S5x. Truly the best avalible.

VAC Tech Notes:
As with all performance bearings, please check your tolerances and size as required before installation. Due to the specialize tools needed, professional install is required. There are no returns available on any engine bearings.


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