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Wisefab BMW F-Series Rear Suspension with revised kinematics for lowered car. Knuckle has a built in bump steer and anti-squat adjustment. Original ABS sensor can be used.
This kit will fit the following F-Series models:

NB! This kit does not fit to BMW M2 F87 chassis.

Here is our recommended alignment parameters:
Toe in/out: Toe in 3-10mm per side
Camber: -0.5 +/-0,5



  • Revised kinematics, not just dropped knuckle. 
    If the focus is more towards performance, then the car can act better with lowered ride height, but then the factory designed kinematics wouldn't work as it supposed to. The kit would give a good kinematics with lowered car - higher roll center, , revised cambergain, anti-squat and bumpsteer for maximum grip.
  • Easy camber adjustment.
    As the top links are straight tubular type, then camber can be adjusted simply by changing their length.
  • Bump steer adjustment.
    Possibility to adjust bump steer by changing rod end location in a slot.
  • Anti-squat adjustment possibility.
    Possibility to adjust anti-squat by changing the top forward link height on upright. It can be done in less than 10 minutes at the trackside. Lowering link would increase anti-squat, raising it would decrease anti-squat.
  • Original wheelspeed sensor (ABS sensor) can be used.
  • Only takes either M model or 336mm or bigger brake discs.
    Smaller brakes will not fit.
  • Wheel bearing size should be 45x85x41
  • Minimum rim size is 17"

BMW F20 F21 F22 F30 F32 F33 F36 Rear Suspension Drop Knuckle Kit

€ 2.100,00Price
Excluding VAT
    • Pre-set suspension links.
    • Uprights with hardware.
    • Subframe bushings with sperical bearings.


    • Hub to hub length (track) is the same as E90. E90 halfshafts need to be used
    • This kit assumes lower (shorter) springs or coilovers to lower the car.
    • Possibility to use bigger CV joint ø110mm (Driveshaftshop 1200 hp)



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