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Looking for big performance from BMWs small inline 6? Do it best with our CP M20 Forged Piston Kits. These are the same premium pistons we use in our winning race and high performance street engines around the world!

Choose stock compression for a basic engine rebuild or low boost turbo or supercharger. Added compression helps if you are going to run high performance camshafts. Low compression for a big boost turbo.

We feel that these are the best pistons for your high performance or racing engine. Working closely with CP, these pistons meet our most stringent expectations and are the finest available anywhere.
We stock a variety of compression ratios and can also supply you with custom piston applications quickly.

...Don't see what you need or have a question? Give us a call or email and we can help with any custom kit need.
ANY of the specs of these piston kits can be changed to fit your exact needs.


These Pistons are made to suit (85mm bore) by default unless otherwise noted.

  • Made from the best forgings available for uncompromising reliability and performance.
  • Sold in matched and balanced sets of 6
  • Supplied with excellent quality ring set, lightweight pins, and locks.

*Keep us in mind; VAC Motorsports is a full engine and machine shop. We can provide any services required from a standard street rebuild up to a world class competition race engine.*


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Excluding VAT

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