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We want you to select the best pistons available for your build...

Undoubtedly, these CPs for the S52 are the premiere choice available. We have spent years with CP to make sure that you get the same premium pistons we have developed for use in all our winning race, and high performance street engines! We have scrutinized all specs to make sure that your piston set meets your every expectation. Many pro builders look no further, they know that CP pistons from VAC are always kept state of the art. From experience with countless manufactures, we feel that these are the best pistons bar none. Working closely with CP, we can meet our most stringent expectations and deliver the finest BMW Pistons available and to meet any need. We do stock a variety of compression ratios and can also supply you with custom piston applications quickly. Don't be afraid to contact us to inquire on stock of what your looking for. Please specify compression ratio when ordering above...Don't see what you need or have a question? Give us a call or email and we can help with any kit need.

These pistons are made to suit 89.6 mm stroke and 135 mm rod by default unless otherwise specified by the customer.

  • Made from the best forgings available for uncompromising reliability and performance.

  • Made to the most accurate tolerances.

  • Sold in matched and balanced sets of 6.

  • Ultra light weight

  • Capable of handling tremendous sustained HP

  • Fully CNC machined in aerospace grade controlled environment

  • Accommodates high lift aggressive camshafts

  • Use of CP's Accumulator Groove design

  • Better design makes for a quieter piston without the "slap" of lesser manufactures

  • Pick lock grooves for easy removal

  • Forged from high-strength 2618 Alloy

  • Valve reliefs fit oversized valves

  • Supplied with ultra high quality ring set, lightweight pins, and locks.

  • Many pistons look alike, however CP Pistons use spot on clearances, specification, dimensions, and metallurgy that are specifically engineered to perfect compatibility with each BMW application and engine technology, no need to second guess your piston choice.

VAC Motorsports is a full engine and machine shop and can provide any machining or building services required for mild street to full race build. Email or give us a call! VAC Motorsports is the master distributor for all CP Pistons BMW applications.


Excluding VAT
  • For BMW S52B32 US engines.


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