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The M20 is a stout engine with much performance potential. These special bearings help M20 racers around the world finish first; especially with the popularity of autocross, road race, Spec E30, and our own World Champion Drag Racer Dave Clements in his 325s'. Customers using NO2 or turbo charging also love these bearings.

Our BMW VAC Main Bearing Sets are custom coated to reduce friction, giving more potential speed and durability to your engine!
These bearings are thermal and friction resistant compound coated, helping to prevent wear and in worse case scenarios, metal to metal contact or total engine failure. A favorite product of our engine building customers around the globe.
If you are looking for high performance main bearings these are the ones to get. Made for us by the same company who manufactures for US military and NASCAR applications.

VAC Tech Notes:

  • Due to a production change in the specification of main bearings, M20 engines may have one of two types of bearing.
    The early style has one 2.9mm tab and the later has two 2.0mm tabs. Please specify which style you need when ordering.
  • As with all bearings, please check your tolerances and size before installation. Due to the specialize tools needed, professional install recommended.
  • There are no returns available on any engine bearings.


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