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Extreme - Performance Tyres was established in 2013 in Poland, basing on 10 years of experience in retreading competition tyres.


Our goal was simple, to provide the competitors an affordable product with top performance. Since then we have extended our range from a single tyre to four different asphalt patterns and thanks to numerous victories in rallies, trackdays and hill climbs we have earned a good reputation among other competition tyres and currently are the only retreads brand that can match premium new tyres in terms of performance. We are currently working on an FIA homologated tarmac rally tyre and a full racing slick, both based on professional competition construction.

Extreme - Performance Tyres is also an effective partnership between Poland and Germany. All tyres are designed and developed in Poland and produced in a German factory with over 50 years of experience to ensure the best possible quality of our products.



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We are specialized in asphalt competition tyres produced in the retreading process. The VR1, VR2, VR3 and VRC models are road legal (E-mark) and depending on the intended use can have standard or reinforced sidewalls, 9 rubber compounds and 24 different sizes from 13 inch, up to 19 inch, giving us the possibility to produce tyres for rally, racing, trackdays and drifting drifting.

We are also one of the few that offer retread tyres based both on used and new casings.

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VR1 categoria logo.png

All-round, road legal, semi-slick tyre with directional open tread pattern. Type-W3A and W5 versions are designed for rally use in overcast and rainy conditions. These products are distinguished by reinforced sidewalls and high performance rubber compounds which guarantees the highest level of grip. The Type-V2, Type-S3 and Type-S4 versions are designed for drifting. Regular wear and stable grip till the end are the biggest advantages over competition.

VR2 categoria logo.png

A modern competition road legal semi-slick tyre with asymmetric tread and shoulder design. The outside structure of this tyre increases the grip and precision while cornering, whereas the inside structure provides maximum road contact on the straight line. Together with reinforced sidewalls and advanced compounds the VR2 offers supreme grip and immediate steering response.

VR3 categoria logo.png

Full-wet rain tyre, providing exceptional traction and precision on wet and dirty surfaces. The directional tread pattern has been developed for the most effective draining of water from the tyre and road contact surface. The rubber compound in this model has been especially modified in order to maximize performance in rainy conditions.

VRC categoria logo.png

New age rally tire designed in accordance to the FIA homologation requirements. Professional competition construction guarantees high precision and durability. Thanks to a versatile tread design Type-R and Type-W versions are applicable for rallying both in dry and damp conditions. The Type-S4 version is a top-spec drifting tyre designed for professional drivers and the most powerful cars.

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