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A premium ECU with Onboard Digital Wideband.


The FuryX is a premium ECU like the XtremeX, but with added Onboard Digital Wideband Lambda Control. Now on the G4X platform, the FuryX features a faster processor, faster communications & a huge 512 megabytes of data logging! 


With 8 injector drives and 6 ignition drives, the FuryX can control up to 3 rotors or 6 cylinders with sequential injection and direct spark, making it an excellent choice for professional level motorsport or more demanding road car applications.


The added benefit of a Onboard Digital Wideband Lambda Controller means higher accuracy of the unit, plus a simple setup. 


The FuryX comes supplied with stickers, a quickstart guide, a mounting bracket and a USB tuning cable. Requires 'A' & 'B' Looms or 'A' & 'B' Pin Kits, not supplied.


See the Specifications tab for a full list of specifications. 


If you are after more inputs, outputs or features, consider the Thunder ECU. 



G4X FuryX

Excluding VAT


    8/10* x Digital inputs

    4 x Temperature inputs

    9 x Analog inputs

    2 x Trigger inputs

    2 x Knock inputs

    1 x LSU 4.9 Wideband lambda sensor input




    8 x Injection drives

    6 x Ignition drivers

    10 x Auxiliary outputs^

    +5V Sensor power supply

    +8V Sensor power supply

    ^unused fuel and ignition drives can be used as additional Aux outputs



    2* x CAN bus

    1x Serial (RS232) connection

    1x USB tuning connection



    Dimensions: 185mm(L) x 130mm(W) x 40mm(H) (without looms)

    Mass: 680grams


    *DI 9 & 10 pins used by second CAN Bus 


    What's in the box?

    Supplied with USB tuning cable and mounting bracket. 


    Requires “A” & “B” looms or “A” & “B” connector kits (not supplied).

  • Engine Configurations

    • 1-12 Cylinder Distributed
    • 2-12 Cylinder Wasted Spark
    • 1-6 Cylinder Direct Spark
    • Odd Fire Engines
    • 2-Stroke, 4 Stroke and Rotary Engines
    • Configurable Firing Order
    • Configurable TDC Points (for odd fire)


    • 8 x High Current Injector Drives (suits high impedance injectors)
    • 6 x Ignition Channels
    • 10 x Auxiliary Outputs (All PWM capable). Aux5-8 can control Stepper Motors and drive High or Low
    • 8/10 Digital Inputs (All capable of reading frequencies up to 10kHz). *DI 9 & 10 pins used by second CAN Bus
    • +5V Out
    • +8V Out
    • 4 Temperature Inputs (Configurable pull-ups on ANT1&2)
    • 9 x 0-5V Analog Inputs
    • 2 x Trigger Inputs (Reluctor, Optical or Hall Sensors)
    • On Board Baro
    • Built in Wideband Controller
    • 3 Axis Accelerometer

    Fueling adjustments

    • Traditional, Modelled and Modelled Multi-Fuel Equations
    • Single-Point Group, Multi-Point Group, Sequential, Semi-Sequential, Group Staged, Sequential Staged and Sequential/Multi Point Group Staged injection modes
    • Asynchronous injection (can add more fuel after initial injection if conditions change)
    • Quick tune (automated fuel tuning)
    • Up to 440 Zone Fuel Table with configurable load and RPM centers. Configurable X and Y Axis Parameters
    • Multiple Fuel Tables
    • Up to 6D Fuel Mapping (3D Fuel Table + 3x3D Overlay trim tables)
    • Injection Rate Control for Group Injection Modes
    • Master Enrichment for Traditional Fuel tuning
    • Pre-Crank Prime
    • First Crank Prime
    • Crank Enrichment
    • Post Start Enrichment
    • Warm Up Enrichment
    • Acceleration Enrichment
    • IAT Fuel Correction
    • Injector Deadtime Compensation
    • Injector Short Pulse Width Compensation
    • Injector Timing Control with Beginning, Middle or End Injection Definable
    • AFR Table Correction
    • Dual Closed Loop Lambda
    • Individual Cylinder Fuel Trims
    • Overrun Fuel Cut
    • Idle Load Trims
    • Fuel Temperature Correction
    • Barometric pressure compensation
    • Injector test function

    Ignition Adjustments

    • Distributor, Twin Distributor, Wasted Spark, Direct Spark, Rotary leading Wasted and Rotary
    • Leading Direct Ignition Modes
    • Up to 440 Zone Ignition Table with configurable load and RPM centers. Configurable X and Y Axis Parameters
    • Configurable Maximum Advance
    • Configurable Spark Duration
    • Configurable Spark Edge
    • Dwell Time Table with configurable X and Y Axis Parameters
    • Multiple Ignition Tables
    • Up to 6D Ignition Mapping (3D Ignition Table + 3x3D Overlay Trim Tables)
    • Individual Cylinder Ignition Trim
    • IAT Trim
    • Voltage Correction
    • ECT Trim
    • OEM Compatibility
    • CDI Compatibility
    • Transient ignition retard
    • Adjustable ignition delay compensation
    • Ignition test function
    • Idle ignition control


    • Engine Temperature Dependent Progressive Limiting
    • Dual Vehicle Speed Limits
    • System Voltage Limit
    • User Configurable RPM Limits based on external input
    • MAP Limit with dual tables
    • Optional hard cut
    • Progressive cut control
    • Selectable fuel or ignition limiting
    • Ignition trim and configurable trim decay
    • Adjustable control range
    • Selectable cut effect (adaptive or constant)

    Auxiliary Output Options

    • Each Output independently configurable
    • Unused ignition and Fuel outputs available as auxiliary outputs
    • General Purpose Outputs
    • General Purpose PWM Outputs
    • Fuel Pump Control
    • Fuel Pump Speed Control
    • Engine Fan Control
    • Air Con Clutch Control
    • Air Con Fan Control
    • Intercooler Spray Control
    • Tacho Control
    • Speedo Control
    • Check Engine Light
    • Purge Solenoid
    • Oxygen Sensor Heater
    • Switched Cam Solenoid Control
    • ECU Hold Power Control
    • Shift Light Control
    • Starter Control
    • VVT Cam Solenoid
    • Boost Control Solenoid
    • Test functions for each output
    • Closed loop Stepper Control & Rotary Oil Pump Control
    • Idle Speed Soloenoid
    • Idle Speed Stepper
    • Internal E-Throttle Controller
    • External E-Throttle

    Digital Inputs

    • Each channel independently configurable with pull-up resistors and active state control
    • All digital inputs capable of reading frequencies of up to 10kHz
    • Duty Cycle measuring on all digital inputs
    • Turbo speed
    • Ethanol Sensor Control
    • Wheel Speed Detection on all digital inputs with additional general-purpose speed inputs
    • Anti-Theft control through digital inputs, over CAN or both
    • General Purpose switches, speeds, rpms and frequencies
    • large variety of input types

    Analog Inputs

    • Each input independently configurable with preset or custom calibrations and configurable fault conditions
    • Built in 3 axis accelerometer
    • Built in Barometric Pressure Sensor
    • Large variety of Analog input functions
    • General Purpose Temperatures, Pressures, Rotary Switches and more
    • Analog Inputs can also be used as Digital Inputs
    • Large number of built in calibrations
    • Ten Calibration Tables and 3 Linear Calibrations for when a custom calibration is required


    • Digital Trigger Decoding
    • Reluctor, Optical Proximity or Hall Sensors
    • Programmable filtering and arming thresholds
    • Configurable trigger patterns or preset triggering options
    • Supports nearly all OEM trigger patterns and custom trigger arrangements

    Programmable Math Processing

    • Eight individually controllable math channels with up to four parameters in each
    • Math channels can be used as table axis’s and as digital or analog inputs

    Motor-Sport Features

    • Anti Lag
    • Launch control
    • Gear Shift Control (Digital Inputs, Gear Lever Force or Gear Barrel Position)
    • Traction control

    Anti-Lag System

    • Dual 3D Fuel enrichment, Ignition cut and Ignition retard Tables
    • Optional Cyclic idle (normal and cool-down)
    • Optional 3D Idle controller Override Tables (one for Antilag and one for Cyclic Idle)
    • Lockout condiitons based on engine speed and throttle position with hysteresis

    Launch Control

    • Single RPM, 3D RPM Table or Latched (RPM when button pressed) Launch modes
    • Progressive cut control
    • Selectable fuel or ignition limiting
    • Selectable cut effect (adaptive or constant)
    • Adjustable control range
    • Vehicle speed controlled
    • Ignition Trim with optional 3D table and relative or absolute ignition angle options
    • Optional 3D Fuel Trim table

    Gear Shift Control

    • Digital input (clutch switch), gear lever force (sequential gearbox), gear lever force (H pattern gearbox), and gear barrel position sensor input options
    • Timed or controlled modes
    • Adjustable progressive cut levels
    • Power re-introduction control
    • Ignition retard control
    • Fuel enrichment control
    • Cut duration based on gear

    Traction Control

    • Disable switch
    • Various Lockout conditions
    • Multiple 3D slip Threshold tables
    • Traction Control - controlled tyre slip to improve vehicle safety and driveability
    • Uses an advanced Torque Management system to reduce engine torque

    Idle Control

    • Solenoid, Stepper or EThrottle Control
    • Open or Closed loop actuator control and Closed loop Ignition control available
    • Large variety of position offsets for open loop and additional target offsets for closed loop actuator control
    • Specific start-up offsets and hold times
    • Dashpot functionality to smooth re-entry into idle and prevent undershoot

    Electronic Throttle Control

    • Has an internal EThrottle Controller and supports external controllers
    • Multiple 3D target tables

    Boost Control

    • Open or Closed Loop Boost Control
    • Multiple Target and Base Position Tables
    • Multiple Trim tables
    • Boost by Gear control

    Knock Control

    • 2 Built in Knock inputs
    • Fuel Enrichment and Ignition Retard functionality
    • Adjustable frequency filter
    • Adjustable gain (per cylinder)
    • Individual cylinder detection
    • Individual cylinder ignition retard and fuel enrich
    • Adjustable detection angle (start/end)
    • Noise threshold table (3D)
    • Adjustable ignition retard and fuel enrich sensitivity
    • Configurable ignition reintroduction and fuel enrich decay

    Variable Valve Timing Control

    • Up to 4 cams independent control
    • Supports many OEM applications
    • Closed loop control
    • Multiple 3D Cam angle target tables
    • Optional advanced PID control settings for advanced tuners
    • Automatic function for calibrating cam angles

    Chassis and Body

    • AC Control - Basic and Advanced modes available
    • AntiTheft - Via Digital Input, CAN or both
    • Speed based cruise control (EThrottle only)
    • Gear Detection - CAN, RPM/Speed or Analog Position Sensor
    • Individual wheel speed sources with the ability to specify Driving and Non-Driving wheel speed sources
    • Starter control - Multiple options available from very basic to Touch to start.

    Torque Management


    • 512 Megabytes of Datalogging
    • Up to 250 ECU Logging channels
    • Up to 1kHz per channel with a maximum total sample rate of 100kSamples/s when using ECU Logging
    • Unlimited channels when using PCLink logging


    • Tuning Port USB on board
    • Two CAN buses
    • Custom CAN configuration allowing tuners and end users to add support for new CAN devices


    • 150 MHz Specialised Engine Management Microprocessor
    • Ignition control to 0.1 degree, fuel to 0.01 ms
    • 32 Bit Floating Point Calculation
    • 12 Bit ADC Resolution
    • 20000+ RPM
    • 4Gb Non Volatile Flash


    • Internal Temperature Range -10 - 85oC
    • Ambient Temperature Range -30 - 90oC
    • Voltage 8 - 22V
    • Operating Current 200mA
    • Electrical protection on all inputs and outputs
    • Onboard Barometric Pressure Sensor

    Packaging Contents

    • G4X FuryX ECU
    • Wiring and Installation Instructions
    • USB tuning cable
    • 2 large Link Stickers
    • 2 small Link Stickers

    Manufacturing Standard – ISO 13485

    Additional Accessories (purchased separately)

    • Intake Air Temperature Sensor
    • 3/8 NPT (Aluminium or Steel Mounting Bosses to suit)
    • 3 Channel Link Igniter
    • Throttle Position Sensor
    • 3 Channel Link Igniter
    • Wideband O2 Controller & Sensor
    • Injector Ballast Resistor Packs

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